Cher Yvonnick Prene, depuis de nombreuses années, vous régalez les américains de vos concerts d’harmonica. Vous avez su combiner la culture française et les spécificités américaines pour faire rayonner notre pays. Sachez que votre travail remarquable a attiré mon attention.

Frédéric Lefebvre, Ancien Ministre, Député 1ère circonscription des Français établis hors de France

Dear Yvonnick Prene, for many years you have been entertaining Americans with your  harmonica concerts. You have managed to combine the French and American culture and specificities to promote our country. Know that your outstanding work caught my attention.

Frédéric Lefebvre, former Minister, Deputy 1st district of French outside France


Yvonnick —  thank you for providing perfectly lovely music entertainment this evening. It made for the perfect party.  There were accolades all around.

Denise Nelson, Lincoln Ristorante, New York 


Thank you again for performing with Padam Swing at the French Cultural Center. Your group was excellent and it was truly a pleasure to work with you.
Merci beaucoup pour tout, Yvonnick!

Kate Riester, French Cultural Center, Boston MA 


Your band at the Piermont FlyWheel Gallery was a big hit. Everyone loved the sound and you gave my art show the kind of ambiance that I was looking for…. elegant and fun and kept the place at a lively pace. I received lots of terrific comments regarding the music and lots of interest in having you play. Best wishes, Rachele

Rachele Unter, FlyWheel Gallery, Piermont NY 


I am so glad that you and your group performed at this year’s Ghouls and Gourds! You truly sounded wonderful…I am so glad that you had fun at the event. Wishing you the very best. 

Josh Diamonds, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York 


Yvonnick, I do not have the words to express how fulfilled I felt last night at my party at Daniel with your music. What wonderful talent and ability your group showed, to complete such an ambience with such amazing melody. I have received tons of compliments about the music – thanks to you.

Thank you also for your patience in accepting and helping my daughter to be a star that night. You made her feel very comfortable and confident that she could accomplish her task. All the best, June

June Drummond, Daniel Restaurant, New York 09/21/13


Everything was EXCELLENT. The band was so accommodating and were even flexible with and extremely last minute floorplan change which had them shifting their gear around. I really appreciate that! It’s always great working with Padam Swing. Thanks!

Jacob Wilner, Wedding, Hampstead, NY 


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